3. Training

Discipleship training
Amongst many visitors of the Summer conference there are always people who are hungry for God’s Word. They want to learn more about being a Christian and they want to deepen their faith, as well in theoretical way as in practical way. For them the Discipleship training is started. This training exists of a series of 5 weekends, from Autumn until Summer. Each season different teachers will train the 25 to 35 students. During this school the students will get education about subjects as ‘personal spiritual life’, ‘how to tell others about the gospel’. And ‘how to conduct a follow-up group.’

After the first classes, they are more and more challenged to practise all they have learned. In the streets telling about the gospel, as well in the AZCs and teaching the other students about the Bible. At the end of the season, the students will get a certificate. After that they will go to their own places to practise all they have learned


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