Marten and his team often see human lives changing radically. People coming (again) to belief in Jesus, liberated from spiritual bondage and healed from several diseases.

Some testimonies:

A Shiite woman (28) who came to Christ during the Summer conference:

“Before I came here, I never had peace in my life.
My whole life I lived with fears, controlling my life.
The god of the Muslims is a god of fear, discontent and punishment.
But with the God of the Bible I found love.
I am set free of my fears. With Jesus I find love and peace.
From now on I want to follow Him and testify of His love.”

A Syrian man (48) from an AZC, his family is still in Syria is, witnessed during the Summer conference:

“My whole life I tried to do the best I can
to be a good Muslim.
I prayed a lot, I fasted, I behaved well.
I had everything, materially spoken.
But I had an empty place in my heart.
I came to the conference and found what I was looking for.
This empty spot in my heart belonged to Jesus.
Because of my first believe, I never thought I could go to heaven.
Now I am sure that I will go there.
I am free of emptiness and fear.
I want to follow Jesus and want to be baptized.
I want to be His servant.”

During the week after the conference, this man contacted his wife in Syria, where war was still torturing the people. He told his wife, he had become a Christian. His wife and children were shocked. But now his family also excepted Christ in their hearts. He is still hoping they will be able to flee to the Netherlands as well. This brother, in the meantime, is enthusiastically preaching the gospel among other asylum seekers.

A Dutch woman, who had been in a wheelchair for about 10 months, had been invited by an Arabic acquaintance to come to the Summer conference. While she entered the conference place, she heard an inner voice seeing: “What are you doing here? This is nothing for you!” She told her husband about this voice. He encouraged her to go to the front anyway to let someone pray for her. After the prayer, she was completely healed. After the conference she found a church where she can grow as a disciple of Jesus.

A woman from Morocco asked during the German conference for prayer for healing her hand. A few years before she had come to faith. During his prayer God convinced Marten there was a reason for this illness. The fact was that about 23 month before, she had been cursed through sorcery. When this woman heard that, she remembered a certain situation in which people had acted in a strange, magical way. After the curse was broken, healing took place.

During one of the seekers meetings, where there were many people with catholic background, a pastor was following everything that happened that night with some criticism. This evening also people were healed. He thought about this with scepticism, until he himself was touched by the freeing love of Jesus, and after that he could speak frankly about God’s grace to the people in his surroundings.


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