Make all asylum seekers My disciples

Over 400 asylum seekers every week

Over the last years, more than 400 asylum seekers are arriving in our country every week. People running from unsafe situations in their own country. People seeking for a secure and safe ‘home’. After arriving in the asylum seekers centres, they are waiting with anxiety on the result of their process. “Are we allowed to stay or do we have to return.”

In the Netherlands they have the opportunity to get some rest for a while. But also the chance to hear the redemptive message of the Gospel. Everywhere in our country Christians from different churches try to get in touch with these asylum seekers. They want to offer them their hospitality and sociability. And, if possible, let them meet Jesus. Most of the asylum seekers are Muslim, but are willing to hear more of the Gospel.

Support the help of Agsanal Karma

To help Marten to serve the Lord, and to make the work of Agsanal Karma possible, there is also a need of financials. The target group, the asylum seekers in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium don’t have the resources to support this work themselves. That is why we ask you urgently to help us to make this work financially possible.


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